The Process: Elevating your Rug to Summer Freshness

Our 8 Steps

As we wrap up another year, let’s delve into the meticulous journey your rug embarks on at Premium Rug Cleaning. From our expert care and washing techniques to the infusion of the best European equipment, your rug is set on a transformative path towards summer freshness.

1. Pick Up – Seamless Convenience

Your rugs, often a hefty affair, are rolled and picked up by our team from your home or workplace. Our complimentary service ensures your rugs start their journey towards summer cleanliness without you lifting a finger.

2. Evaluation – A Personal Touch

In the heart of our well-equipped cleaning facility here in Auckland, our seasoned team offers a personal touch to each rug. Stains, odours, and tales of high-traffic adventures are carefully examined, guiding us to tailor a bespoke cleaning solution for your rug’s unique fibres and dyes.

3. Dusting – Unveiling Brilliance

This is where our Dusting Tornado makes an entrance, a gentle whirlwind that sweeps away close to 99% of the dirt nestled within your rug’s fibres. This meticulous step ensures a brilliant washing cycle, setting the tone for a truly refreshing clean.

4. Pre-Treatment & Odour Neutralisation – Gentle Alchemy

Before the cleansing dance begins, soiled areas are treated with tenderness, and odours are serenaded into oblivion. Specialist products weave their magic, effective yet gentle on each precious fibre.

5. Washing & Rinsing – The Deep Dive

The grand cleaning affair commences, guided by the type, age, colour fastness, and thickness of your rug. A harmonious washing melody resonates, and all traces of the cleaning voyage are gently rinsed away.

6. Drying & Grooming – A Fresh Finale

Rugs, having danced in the cleansing whirl, meet the Centrifuge’s embrace, shedding 90% of loose water. Hung on heavy duty drying racks, they bask in the gentle breeze of our industrial fans, their fibres reset, and tassels combed. It’s a fresh finale, restoring rugs to their original vibrancy.

7. Protection – Shielding Summer Radiance

To safeguard the impeccable state, we highly recommend our Rug Protection Service beckons. We use the world’s most technologically advanced Non-toxic and Non-allergenic fibre treatment: MicroSeal and Fiber Protector, to ensure your rug emerges not just clean but fortified against stains and sun fading, ready to embrace the vibrant summer in Auckland.

8. Rolled & Returned – Homeward Bound

Our complimentary service goes beyond door-to-door and simply returning your rug to its abode. We unfurl your rug into its designated space creating instant freshness, brightness, and underfoot comfort for you and your loved ones.

Meet the Team – The Silent Artisans

In this journey towards summer freshness, meet our silent artisans—the Rug Washtub Tornado MP-3000 Inox, Tornado AT-3000, Tornado W-4200-75, and the Tornado Drying Rack. These unsung heroes contribute to a bath like no other, the ultimate dusting, the rug centrifuge ride, and heavy drying, ensuring your rug has never felt or looked better.

As the year concludes, we extend our warmest wishes to you—a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May your home be adorned with the warmth of clean, vibrant rugs, inviting a new year filled with joy and summer freshness.

Contact Premium Rug Cleaning today to schedule your rug cleaning and protection in the New Year. Have your rugs looking their best and stay worry-free throughout 2024.


The Family of Fibre Care Businesses – all under one roof!

We’re not just here for pet mishaps, our family of businesses has the expertise to restore all rugs to their full potential.

Our skilled professionals at Premium Rug Cleaning will meticulously clean and sanitise your rug, leaving it refreshed and rejuvenated.

⇒ Our companion business, Premium Carpet Dyeing, specialises in rectifying bleach stains and colour runs, that will restore your rug to its former glory.

⇒ And finally, our experts can safeguard your rug from future pet “misdemeanours”, and everyday spills and soiling, with our cutting-edge fibre protector MicroSeal — the ultimate defence against everything that life throws at your rug.

As well as knowing everything about rug fibres we also understand the value of your time. That’s why we can perform all these professional services under one roof, in one visit and offer free pick-up and drop-off in Auckland (north to Orewa, west to Kumeu and south to Hamilton).

Trust us to bring new life to the hardest working feature in your room.



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