Introducing the amazing Rug Cleaning Team

taking your rug on its journey from door to door.

Brad Tyrrell
Managing Director

Brad has always known the importance of using the right tools for the job since his days as a mechanic and general manager in the automotive industry.


Through contacts in this industry came an opportunity to purchase a commercial and residential textile and leather care protection business from an associate, and that associate has since became an incredible mentor.


Since the acquisition, deep thorough on-the-job training, and the opportunity to work with the most globally recognised brands in their industry, Brad and his team have set the industry standards for product, service and efficacy.
Recently they branched out into complementary services by opening a state-of-the-art industrial rug cleaning centre and a carpet dyeing business.


Now their businesses, Premium Surface Protection, Premium Rug Cleaning and Premium Carpet Dyeing all run under the umbrella company Premium Textile Care.


Throughout this time, Brad has worked tirelessly to build a glowing reputation in both residential and commercial markets, and is the first port of call for all questions and needs to do with fibre and leather care for furnishings in New Zealand.

Guna Apsite
Business Development Manager

Guna entered the fibre care industry as Business Development Manager when she and Brad bought the business back in 2013.


She’s been instrumental in developing leads and growing the business since day one. Constantly drawing on her experience in marketing strategy and project management to ensure she’s across every detail, all of the time.


As the face of the business, she’s out there building genuine relationships with all of her clients. Providing a dedicated service to everyone from commercial interior designers, and furniture manufacturers to residential homeowners.

MicroSeal NZ Ltd group of brands

The cycle of furnishings, whether we call it upcycling, circular economy, recycling, or preloved… all focus on reducing waste and pollution with repair, reuse, and reduction.


All our brands address these points by being able to protect, restore and enhance the beauty, colour and life of your furnishings from stains, chemicals, mould, wear, sun and fire damage; plus, revive sofas, rugs and carpets with sanitisation and fresh colour.


At Premium Rug Cleaning, if your rug has seen better days, and needs some love and colour restoration, we can clean, sanitise and colour match the fibres – it will look like new again!


If your lounge, carpet or rug fibres become sun faded or meet a chemical accident, we can colour dye back to new with Premium Carpet Dyeing.


To extend the life of all your furnishings, Premium Surface Protection protects fibres from all sorts of liquids, wear and tear and extensive sun-fade damage.


Our brands and services can PROTECT | CLEAN | DYE  – creating the opportunity to keep furnishings for longer, looking and feeling as new as possible and reducing lands waste.


Premium Surface Protection
Premium Carpet Dyeing