Rug Cleaning Auckland

Regular cleaning of rugs brings more than just freshness to a room.

It helps eradicate pet odours and cooking smells from open-plan living.


It prevents the build-up of dirt and grime that become more ingrained with each step and accelerates wear and tear.


And most importantly—especially for the young people and pets that spend the most time on them—it helps reduce the risk of dust and bacteria build-up that can aggravate allergies or cause illness.


Refer to our guide for recommended cleaning cycles. (link)

Stain Removal

Whether it’s coffee, wine or something brought in on a shoe, we have specific high-grade cleaning products and technology to remove most stains from any rug fibre, including silk, wool and cotton, ensuring restoration to its former glory.

Urine Damage Removal

Pets and children are bound to have little accidents on rugs and carpets. Unfortunately, uric acid crystals from urine firmly attach to fibres and can’t be dislodged with off-the-shelf cleaning products.

Humidity and dampness activate these dormant crystals, which is why odours relentlessly return. Fortunately, our high-quality products eradicate urine stains, sanitise and neutralise odours for good.

Blood Removal

Blood stains can be extremely stubborn to remove. There’s a real risk of creating light patches if tackled with off-the-shelf solutions.

Our high-quality cleaning products effectively remove the stains without bleaching or damaging the surrounding colours.

Dye Run Removal

Liquid spills can cause rug dyes to bleed and smudge into each other. Our specialist dye removal treatment will clean up any streaks and restore the brightness of light areas.

Red Wine Removal

Red wine stains are particularly tough to remove and can be rubbed in further, even when the best intention is to rub them out.

You can rely on our pre-treatments and precise spot cleaning to effectively remove common accidents like this without a trace.

Water/Flood Damage

Whether you’ve spilt a glass of water or, far worse, you’re dealing with flood damage, it only takes a few days for mould to develop on a damp rug.

To limit further damage and water marks, book our premium rug cleaning service to restore your rug to its original condition.