How to Care for Your Oriental Rug at Home

Oriental rugs with their rich craftsmanship and artistry, possess a timelessness that transcends trends and fads. 

They can hold their value for centuries if deep-cleaned regularly by experts like Premium Rug Cleaning. However, another fundamental factor to their preservation is caring for them at home in between.

Here’s how from the experts at Premium Rug Cleaning:

  • Rotation – To reduce excessive wear in certain areas, rotate rugs once a year or every six months in high-traffic areas and every two years in less-used spaces.


  • Sun protectionExtended exposure to the sun’s UV rays fades and weakens fibres, affecting their appearance and structure. Provide protective shade with curtains, drapes and awnings. Rotation will also help reduce sun damage if one area is more exposed than another.


  • ​Vacuuming – Like most carpeting, oriental rugs should be vacuumed weekly to remove dirt before it becomes ingrained and causes deep-set stains and fibre damage. Pass your vacuum in the direction of the nap (the way the fibre loops naturally fall) 5-7 times in high-traffic areas and 2-3 in low-traffic or unused zones where settling dust can still reach and damage inner fibres.


  • Padding – Quality carpet pads don’t just provide extra comfort when walking or sitting, they reduce slippage and friction with the floor, reducing wear and tear. While also protecting them from being crushed or damaged by heavy furniture.

The longevity of these oriental artworks is now in your hands. Give them the respect they deserve by combining these simple home maintenance tips with Premium Rug Cleaning’s professional services and you’ll be admiring yours for decades to come. 


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