Allergen & Bacteria Free Rug – A Clean and Safe Space for Your Little Ones

The Secret to an Allergen Free Kid-Friendly Rug

Rugs aren’t just cozy additions to your home; they can also hide invisible dangers like allergens, dirt, and grime. Did you know that a typical rug can be a breeding ground for up to 200,000 bacteria per square inch? It’s no surprise that this can lead to various health issues, especially for children who spend a significant amount of time on the ground.

Our little ones, especially infants and toddlers, often explore the world by crawling and playing on the floor. Their tiny hands and knees come into direct contact with your rugs, making it crucial to maintain a clean and hygienic rug environment. But rest assured, we have the perfect solution.

The Premium Solution: Rug Cleaning + Fibre Protection

Did you know that your rug can hold up to a kilogram of dirt before it even begins to look dirty? This includes pet dander, food crumbs, pollen, dirt, and millions of dead skin cells. Your rug can also be a haven for a wide range of unwelcome guests, including dust mites, bacteria, fungi, and more.

Premium Rug Cleaning offers more than just cleaning; we provide a comprehensive solution to childproof your rug. Our deep cleaning techniques ensure that allergens, dirt, and grime are banished, leaving your rug fresh and healthy. But here’s the real secret – Premium Fibre Protection from our team at Premium Surface Protection.

Don’t just take our word for it, NZ Influencer Fiona Wright, shares her story:

Something I regret not doing from the start with my furniture and rugs was getting Premium Surface Protection to treat the upholstery. I had this done on my couch earlier this year, and it honestly blows me away how much it protects the fabric, especially with kids... So after replacing the rug in my lounge recently it was a no brainer to get them back in... Absolute miracle, I wished I'd done this sooner...

Premium Fibre Protection is the key to a long lasting child-friendly rug. It forms an invisible barrier that repels spills, stains, and dirt, making it easier to clean and maintain your upholstery and rugs. This protector creates a shield against potential stains, ensuring your rug remains fresh and vibrant.

Childproofing your rug is about creating a source of comfort, not concern. So simply remember: Premium Rug Cleaning + Premium Fibre Protection = a clean, safe, and hygienic rug for your little ones.


The Family of Fibre Care Businesses – all under one roof!

We’re not just here for pet mishaps, our family of businesses has the expertise to restore all rugs to their full potential.

Our skilled professionals at Premium Rug Cleaning will meticulously clean and sanitise your rug, leaving it refreshed and rejuvenated.

⇒ Our companion business, Premium Carpet Dyeing, specialises in rectifying bleach stains and colour runs, that will restore your rug to its former glory.

⇒ And finally, our experts can safeguard your rug from future pet “misdemeanours”, and everyday spills and soiling, with our cutting-edge fibre protector MicroSeal — the ultimate defence against everything that life throws at your rug.

As well as knowing everything about rug fibres we also understand the value of your time. That’s why we can perform all these professional services under one roof, in one visit and offer free pick-up and drop-off in Auckland (north to Orewa, west to Kumeu and south to Hamilton).

Trust us to bring new life to the hardest working feature in your room.



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